Support for Disabled Users

Cosc is dedicated to meeting the National Disability Authority IT Accessibility Guidelines and achieving a conformance level of Triple-A with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines created by the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI). Below is a description of a few of the features that were added to assist those with disabilities.

Jumping Between Links with the Tab Key

You can navigate between links by pressing the Tab key on your keyboard. A logical sequence is provided for this in each navigation bar on the website.

Shortcuts on a keyboard

On the website, the following access keys are employed:

S = Skip Navigation

P = which is printer-friendly

1 – Front page

2 – Get in Touch

3. Helpful Links

4. Accessibility (this page)

5. Sitemap,

6. Disclaimer

Depending on the browser you are using, hold down either the Alt, Ctrl, or Cmd key before pressing the access key. After focusing on a link in Internet Explorer, you must press Enter.

Document Types

The majority of the publications on this website can be read and printed offline more easily thanks to their availability in PDF format. People with disabilities may not always find this format to be easily accessible.

In order to provide an alternative format to the PDF documents, we have provided synopses for the majority of the documents.

Adobe Reader must be installed on your computer in order to read PDF files.

Aids to Navigation

Each page has a breadcrumb link at the top to aid in navigation.

There is a search box on the home page and on each internal page (access key 6).

There are also options for advanced search.

You can bypass the navigation and go straight to each page’s main content by clicking the Skip Navigation link in the site header.


On this website, the ALT attributes for all of the decorative and textual images are all descriptive. To describe the content or goal of the image in question, ALT titles are offered.

Users who are colorblind or partially sighted

You have the option of changing the font size both up and down or completely.
We made sure that items are not referenced solely by color by testing the website’s font and background color combinations for the various types of color blindness.