1. Guidance on practical steps for older people to protect themselves from elder abuse


How can you protect yourself

The majority of older people live healthy and active lives within their communities. There are local and community based groups and associations to support and encourage older people to fully participate in society. However, at some time, an older person may experience mistreatment, neglect or abuse.

Steps can be taken to minimise the risks.


Financial Abuse

Financial abuse is one of the most commonly reported forms of abuse in Ireland. Actions can be taken to protect against financial abuse.

Stay Organised

Stay Informed

Stay alert

Remember, nobody has the authority to prevent the use of your assets for your own maintenance and benefit. To prevent the use of your assets for this purpose may be considered abuse. You should use your assets for your own needs in priority to any perceived needs of other people, e.g., family, friends or neighbours.

You have the right not to be threatened or intimidated. If you think someone close to you is trying to take control of your finances, tell someone.