1. Daphne lll



Daphne III is an EC funding programme under the EC General Programme ‘Fundamental Rights and Justice’.

The programme’s specific objective is to contribute to the prevention of, and the fight against, all forms of violence occurring in the public or private domain against children, young people and women, including sexual exploitation and trafficking in human beings, by taking preventative measures and by providing support and protection for victims and groups at risk.

The EC recently announced the allocation of Daphne III Action Grants under the 2010 call for proposals.  There was very good news for one Irish-led project,   Exchange House National Travellers Service was granted funding for a project - The Sunia Geel Domestic Violence Project. 

The goal of their project is to prevent and reduce the extent and impact of domestic violence within marginalised communities by generating education, community awareness and providing support to women, children and young people. The aim is to promote positive attitudes and behavioural changes within disadvantaged communities.  It also aims to expand knowledge of effective domestic violence interventions with these minority groups amongst service providers. This knowledge is to be disseminated to other service providers through training and resource materials provided by the Sunia Geel Domestic Violence Project. The project partners have identified target groups which include Sinti and Roma families and Muslim migrants in Europe as well as Irish Travellers.

Sunia Geel will develop materials to overcome and fight domestic violence within different cultural contexts. The outputs will be transferable within these groups, and potentially to other groups dealing with similar problems across the EU.

There is potential good news too for another Irish-led project - the Immigrant Council of Ireland was the lone placement on the reserve list. 

A number of other Irish projects were unfortunately unsuccessful but at least one other Irish participant is included in a successful project addressing violence against the GLBT population - the HERMES project.

Full details of the results of the action grant process is available at: http://ec.europa.eu/justice/funding/daphne3/call_10105/call_10105_en.htm

Information on Daphne including the Daphne III annual work programme for 2011 is available on Cosc's website: http://www.cosc.ie/en/COSC/Pages/WP08000095.