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  1. International Women's Day Focus on Violence against Women at key UN Gender Meeting

 International Women’s Day Focus on Violence against Women at key UN Gender meeting

Minister of State Kathleen Lynch exchanges views with women from across the globe and attends launch of UN Women’s new global song "One Woman"
International Women’s Day, New York, 8 March 2013

 Minister of State Kathleen Lynch TD continues her participation at the 57th meeting of the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) with a range of events taking place to mark International Women’s Day, the global celebration which is now over 100 years old.

She expects to have an opportunity to engage with UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon at a lunch for Women Ambassadors to mark the Day.  The lunch,  being hosted by the Permanent Representative of Morocco to the United Nations, during which discussion will again focus on the key topic for this year’s meeting of CSW - violence against women - and the work being done globally by UN Women and UN  countries to address this criminal behaviour.

Yesterday, in her tight schedule, Minister Lynch joined Michelle Bachelet, the UN Deputy Secretary General and Director of UN Women at a seminar event, organised by the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts which focused on preparing young people to deter and address violence.  The Minister spoke of the plans to strengthen the Irish school curriculum in relationships education to deter violence.

Later in the day, she took part in a particularly well received seminar event sponsored by Irish Aid at which she endorsed the fact that violence against women is a global challenge, affecting a third of all women.  Speaking of the Irish context she pointed out that

In 2011, the Women’s Aid telephone helpline received almost 13,000 calls to report incidents of domestic violence.  Almost one quarter of the perpetrators of sexual violence against women in Ireland is intimate partners or ex-partners.  Clearly there is no place for complacency on this issue in Ireland or in any country in the world.

She also met with a small group of Irish based NGOs who are attending this meeting of CSW and discussed the good practices they had identified through their participation in the wide range of activities which form part of this marathon event for women worldwide.

On a lighter side, the Minister was delighted to attend the launch of the new UN Women song "One Woman" which was launched to profile the excellent work of the UN’s key institution which works to advance gender equality in all corners of the globe.

Minister Lynch expressed the hope that the women of Ireland would download the song, in order to make it a best seller while also supporting the excellent work of UN Women.  It can be downloaded at

UN Women Director and former President of Chile Michelle Bachelet pointed out that

"One Woman" gives us a message of hope and inspiration.  This song carries a message of unity and solidarity with women world wide and reminds us that equality, human rights and human dignity are the birthright of all of us, every human being.