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  1. Irish Presidency secures agreement on EU-wide civil protection order


Irish Presidency secures agreement on EU-wide civil protection order


The Irish Presidency on 19 February 2013 secured agreement with the European Parliament, on behalf of EU member states, on improving the protection of victims of domestic violence across Europe.

Under Ireland’s Presidency, final discussions were held between the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers in Brussels on 19 February 2013 to reach agreement on the Regulation for a European Protection Order (Civil Law).  The Regulation, which forms part of a legislative package aimed at strengthening the rights of victims in the EU, will ensure that a civil protection order, such as a barring order for domestic violence, can still be enforced if the victim travels, or moves, from one EU Member State to another.

Welcoming the agreement the Minister for Justice, Equality and Defence, Alan Shatter said "The importance of these proposals cannot be overstated for the victims in need of the protection provided by such orders.  It will enable victims of domestic violence and other vulnerable persons to have continuity of protection under the law when they move between Member States, making travel and even relocating to another Member State, a reality for many victims for the first time."

Following the successful negotiations with the European Parliament, the proposed agreement will be presented to member state Ambassadors for their approval and to the Justice and Home Affairs Council, chaired by Minister Shatter, which will take place in Brussels on 7-8 March.