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The National Office for the Prevention of Domestic, Sexual and Gender-based Violence.

An Oifig Náisiúnta um Fhoréigean Baile, Gnéasach agus Inscnebhunaithe a Chosc

  1. Information on Cosc Research 2010


Information on research in relation to domestic, sexual and gender-based violence in Ireland


Cosc's Research Unit has developed its 2010 programme of research work in relation to domestic, sexual and gender-based violence (set out below). In the interests of a more co-ordinated approach to its research work, Cosc would like to hear from individuals and organisations engaged in or planning research work in relation to domestic, sexual and/or gender-based violence in Ireland. 

Should you wish to inform the Research Unit at Cosc of any relevant ongoing or planned research please complete and email the Research Project Template here to one of the addresses below.

You can get in touch with Cosc's Research Unit by contacting  or Mr. Philip McCormack at 014768690 / 

Cosc Priority Research Programme 2010

• A mapping of services provided by State and non-State organisations to those affected by domestic and sexual and gender-based violence/abuse (completion expected this year). 

• A mapping of the programmes on domestic, sexual and gender-based violence/abuse currently delivered in post-primary schools in Ireland (completion expected this year).

• An examination of data collection systems and procedures in relation to domestic and sexual violence/abuse in Ireland (completion expected this year).

• A study of domestic violence perpetrator programme outcomes in Ireland (commenced but on hold at present).

• Work directly supporting the implementation of the National Strategy on Domestic, Sexual and Gender-based Violence 2010 - 2014 (work in relation to best practice models commenced).

• A general population survey of attitudes on sexual violence/abuse (for consideration in the context of the preparation of the 2011 programme).