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The National Office for the Prevention of Domestic, Sexual and Gender-based Violence.

An Oifig Náisiúnta um Fhoréigean Baile, Gnéasach agus Inscnebhunaithe a Chosc

  1. Cosc Awareness Raising Grant Scheme 2010


Cosc Awareness Raising Grant Scheme 2010


This year 64 groups applied for the awareness raising grant scheme. The standard of applications was high overall and there were a number of very strong applications, including an increased number where there was co-operation between groups, which Cosc welcomes. It is expected that letters will be sent to all groups letting them know the results of their applications by the 11th of June.

The Executive Director of Cosc, Éimear Fisher, had this to say about the scheme "Cosc is happy to support the great work being done by groups/NGOs to prevent and reduce the effects of domestic, sexual and gender-based violence.  I am particularly pleased to see the number of applications with initiatives involving co-operation between a number of groups, including national groups".

Cosc is looking forward to receiving reports of evaluations from successful groups, in accordance with Cosc's ‘Guidance Manual for Grant Applications 2010’, of the impact that these initiatives have on raising awareness of the nature and extent of domestic, sexual and gender-based violence in Ireland; and of services available to help those who experience these crimes.