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  1. Council of Europe Convention on Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence

Convention on Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence

The Council of Europe Committee of Ministers recently established an Ad Hoc Committee on Preventing and Combating Violence against Women and Domestic Violence (CAHVIO). The purpose of CAHVIO is to prepare one or more legally binding instrument(s) "to prevent and combat domestic violence, including specific forms of violence against women, and other forms of violence against women and to protect and support the victims of such violence as well as prosecute the perpetrators". The committee met in April and May of this year to identify the scope of the future convention and to prepare an interim report to the Committee of Ministers.  Ireland’s representation on CAHVIO is provided by Cosc.

CAHVIO agreed on a recommendation to the Committee of Ministers that the focus of a future single convention should be on the elimination of violence against women and that the convention should deal with domestic violence which affects women disproportionately. It also agreed that the convention should allow for the application of its provisions to all victims of domestic violence irrespective of gender and age.

The Committee of Ministers will examine the interim report submitted by CAHVIO on the subject and content of the proposed instrument.  If the Committee of Ministers agree, CAHVIO will meet again in November 2009 and March, June and October 2010 in order to draft the text of the convention.