1. Domestic Violence Services for Women

National Services

ServiceDescriptionPhoneHelpline PhoneWebsite Online Contact PointsOpening HoursCatchment Area
Exchange House National Travellers Association An organisation of travellers and settled people working together to provide family support and other services to the Traveller community. These services include Domestic Violence services01-8721094 www.exchangehouse.ie     
Legal Aid Board The Board is responsible for the provision of legal aid and advice on matters of civil law to persons unable to fund such services from their own resources. Details of their local offices can be found on their website or by contacting their Lo-call number1890 615 200 www.legalaidboard.ie     
SAFE IRELAND (Formerly the NNWRSS - National Network of Women's Refuges and Support Services)A national network of organisations who support women experiencing domestic violence. Their website includes details of their members around the country.090 6479078 www.safeireland.ie     
Women's Aid Women's Aid provide confidential support and information to women and children living with domestic violence who need emergency or ongoing support through the National Freephone Helpline.Accessed through the Women's Aid Helpline 1800 341 900 www.womensaid.ie   7 days a week 24 Hours 

Local Services